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Connie Williams, Wythe Candy & Gourmet Shop evening store anchor in the Gourmet section Williamsburg location, has been selected as one of two Volunteers of the Year by the City of Williamsburg. The awards ceremony took place on May 24th, where many of her colleagues were there to support her generous nature and cheer her on.

Connie is being honored as a volunteer teacher’s assistant in one of Matthew Whaley’s kindergarten classes, where she has devoted over 1000 hours a year for many years.  Her coworkers credit Connie’s dedication, compassion, and work ethic for “making the world a better place!” One of the teachers cried when she found out expressing “I’m so happy for her! She totally deserves this!”

 Congratulations Connie! We are honored to have you as an outstanding member of our First Source Team!